Allegations against the Guyana Chess Federation
By Stabroek staff March 21, 2010 in Features, Sunday

During the past week, national chess champion Wendell Meusa made two public statements which are damaging to the integrity of the Guyana Chess Federation. Mr Meusa has accused the Federation of the following:

1. having a biased and unfair policy towards the distribution of colours for a tournament game;

2. having members, and encouraging them to, consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes in the playing hall during tournament games;

3. violating the established rules of chess; and last, but certainly not least,

4. the “misuse or over-use of power and authority” and “dramatic physical confrontation.” The Federation has issued an official statement on the matter, refuting Mr Meusa’s defamation. Perhaps Mr Meusa can elaborate, and give us examples of what he means by the violation of the rules of chess, the misuse and over-use of power and authority, and dramatic physical confrontation (fighting?). We are waiting.

Such remarks bear the signs of being made, not casually, but perhaps with a specific purpose in mind. We do not know what the reasons are. Some members of the Federation have made contact with me in relation to this matter. The majority have requested that Mr Meusa provide proof of his allegations. Mr Meusa has lost the psychological momentum of winning. Now he complains vehemently about everything. He should provide proof of his accusations.

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