Alexander Grischuk

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Date of birth: October 31, 1983
Current FIDE rating: 2717
Current position in FIDE list: 16
Highest FIDE rating: 2732
Highest position in the list: 6th place (July, 2003)

Most important achievements:

2000: World Chess Championship in New Delhi, he got to the semifinal (he lost against Shirov)
2004: Russian Championship Finalist; there he lost to Kasparov.
2006: He won the Quick Chess World Championship in Rishon Lezion, Israel

Latest results in 2007:

Tal Memorial, Moscow (2006): 6th place, 4.5 out of 9
Quick Chess Calatrava Festival: 7th place
He qualifies for the World Chess Championship in Mexico by defeating Malakhov and Rublevsky

Information from the official website.

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