Super-GM Michael Adams won the Masters Section of the Bunratty Masters 2013. With this edition, the tournament celebrated 20 years of chess.

As in every year the tournament was divided into four sections, Minor (for beginners), Major (intermediate), Challengers (advanced) and Masters (for the top national and international players).

To win the Masters, Adams got 5 straight wins and a draw in the last round. GM Nigel Short and IM Richard Bates tied on second place with 5/6; Short took the second place on tie-breaks.

Parallel to the Masters, the Bunratty Masters tournament took place for the first time. This event had the purpose of helping the Irish players get IM and GM norms.

GM Mark Hebden finished in sole first place after scoring an undefeated score of 7/9.

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Final Standings – Masters:

1 GM Adams, Michael 2725 5.5
2 GM Short, Nigel 2690 5.0
3 IM Bates, Richard 2375 5.0
4 McPhillips, Joseph 2132 4.5
5 GM Wells, Peter 2491 4.5
6 IM Wall, Gavin 2340 4.0
7 IM Rendle, Thomas 2382 3.5
8 FM Aguera Naredo, Javier 2417 3.5
9 IM Pein, Malcolm 2376 3.5
10 GM Baburin, Alexander 2534 3.5
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