This is an actually story that happened to me in Pittsburgh during the National Elementary Championship. The tournament was held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. I could not book a room at the closest hotel to the playing site. So I had to stay at a nearby hotel along with many other chess parents.

Tommy and I usually walk about 8 – 10 minutes each way to go to and from the hotel and the Convention Center. We decided to take the taxi from the Convention Center back to our hotel on night because Tommy was not feeling well and I wanted him to get extra rest. When we got on the cab, our driver Nick recognized who I am. He is a chess player and loves the game. He asked if I am in Pittsburgh to do a speaking engagement or simul. I told him that I was only there as a Chess Mom. He also asked how my sisters are doing.

When we reached our hotel, he did not charge me for the cab fare which I was of course more than happy to pay. It was very nice of him. On top of that, Tommy forgot his score book inside the cab. When Nick found it, he drove back to the hotel at midnight to drop it off for Tommy. I think that this was a very nice gesture by him and I would like to thank him for it. So Nick, if you happen to read this, thank you and good luck with your chess!

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