Delilah, one of the biggest radio personalities in the United States, has officially agreed to join the board of the Susan Polgar Foundation. Delilah can be heard nightly from 7-12 by approximately 9 millions listeners on 279 stations across the country. She has often been dubbed as the Oprah of Radio.

After spending 2 days with Delilah, I can say that she is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. She is even nicer, more compassionate and more caring in person than how she comes across every night on the radio. She is also one of the most generous persons, helping so many children around the world. She is everyone’s friend.

The Susan Polgar Foundation is honored to have her on board to help promote chess and education.

In addition, I am also very pleased to have accepted the invitation to join the board of her foundation, Point Hope, a voice for forgotten children. I will do everything I can to contribute to her mission with children. Being around someone like Delilah can only motivate me to do more for children everywhere. Thank you Delilah for being my inspiration.

The picture above was taken after we agreed to join each other’s board. Present was Mr. Niro, former President of the US Chess Trust and former ED of the USCF to present his personal donation of $1,000 to each foundation. Thank you! Mr. Niro’s website is and his blog site is
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