Dr. Alexey Root, author of Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators, is a former US Women’s Champion (1989). She is a very important member of the UTD Chess Program. She has done countless wonderful things for chess and she is someone I highly respect. Here is her letter to me about her decision not to be involved with any USCF committee.

Dear Susan,

Over the past 15+ years, I’ve volunteered 100s of hours on USCF committees, including the Women’s, College, and Chess in Education committees. While Sam Sloan is on the USCF Executive Board, my USCF committee volunteering will cease. Sam Sloan now has a powerful voice in the USCF. From what I have read about Sam Sloan (both on his own Web site and in Susan Polgar’s blog) and from what I observed during my brief stop at the Delegates’ Meeting, Sloan’s voice will not serve goodness or brevity.

Yesterday was back-to-school night at my son’s school. Just as I am required to do every year, I filled out the volunteer forms including a record of my past service and a background check. I’ve been a top volunteer with the local public school system for six years. I enjoy volunteering with organizations, like my local schools, that take protecting children seriously by screening all volunteers and employees.

We all have limited time for paid work, for volunteer work, for family, and for personal interests. For the next year, my limited volunteer time will not be spent serving on USCF committees. Although I’ll still be involved in USCF through writing chess articles and playing in tournaments, committee work (which is more closely associated with politics and the Executive Board) will not be on my agenda until Sloan leaves the Executive Board.

Alexey Root
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