Eighth PAL/CSS Freestyle Tournament with $16,000 prize fund

24.03.2008 – A “Freestyle tournament” is one in which computer assistance – or help in any conceivable form – during the game is allowed and encouraged. The Eighth PAL/CSS Freestyle tournament will take place on the Playchess server on two weekends, April 11-13 and April 25-27. The main sponsor, the PAL Group in Abu Dhabi (UAE), has provided a $16,000 dollar prize fund. Join the fun.

The tournament is open to everyone. All games are played on the Internet, in a special room on the Playchess server. Participants need to have an account on the server, which is free for the duration of the tournament. If you are not already a member of this giant Internet community (with over 100,000 active members) you can download the software at Playchess.com and set up an account within minutes.

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