The 3rd Anatoly Karpov Trophy is running from 23rd October to 25th October 2014 in Cap d’Agde, a Mediterranean resort of the town of Adge in France.

The event is a mixed match of Franco-Russian friendship, in honor of the 12th World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov.

Russia will be represented by GM Valentina Gunina (ELO 2530), member of the 2014 Olympic winner team of Russia, and GM Anatoly Karpov (ELO2623), 12th World Chess Champion, while France will be represented by GM Marie Sebag (ELO 2479), the highest rated French woman, and GM Romain Edouard (ELO 2659), French #3 player.

The first four rounds will be played in rapid format with a time control 25′ + 10″, while the last four rounds will be played with blitz tempo 3′ + 2″. You can see the schedule below.

Thursday 23rd October:
15h – Pairings
17:30h – Opening Ceremony
18h – Round 1 (Rapid)
19:30h – Round 2 (Rapid)
Friday 24th October:
18h – Round 3 (Rapid)
19:30h – Round 4 (Rapid)
Saturday 25th October:
15:30h – Round 1 (Blitz)
16:00h – Round 2 (Blitz)
16:30h – Round 3 (Blitz)
17:00h – Round 4 (Blitz)
19:00h – Closing Ceremony

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