Official Update from FIDE (no objection from any nation, including the US):

During the FIDE General Assembly in Baku 2016 the chess Federation of Iran was awarded the organization of the Women’s World Chess Championship in Tehran in February 2017. Iran was the only country which made a proposal to host the event and since there were no objections from any of the delegates (representatives of 159 national federations), the General Assembly accepted the proposal.

Iran has also hosted a number of top international chess events in the recent past such as:

The Asian Women’s Championship 2007 in Tehran (see link with final standings here )
The Asian Women’s Championship 2011 in Mashdad (see link with final standings here )

In February 2016 the Iranian Chess Federation successfully organized the FIDE Women Grand Prix event in Tehran. You can check more information about the event at . All the above events, and many more smaller ones, have been organised at a very top level by the very experienced National Chess Federation of Iran.

There were no complaints from the players or officials and everybody respected the laws of the country, including the dress requirements.

At this point in time, there have been no official complaints to FIDE, from any player who is eligible to participate in the Women’s World Championship 2017.

It is not a FIDE regulation or requirement to wear a hijab during the event. I would kindly refer you to local laws or regulations such as wearing the hijab, if you kindly check the UK foreign office website for more information you will find there “You should respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times and be aware of your actions to ensure that they do not offend”:…/…/local-laws-and-customs

FIDE is nevertheless reviewing all possible solutions for the players’ comfort and will discuss all the issues with the organizers in Iran during meetings in the next few weeks.

Kind regards,
Anastasiya Karlovich
FIDE Press Officer




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