The Chess Club Rhodes «KNIGHT» announces the organization of the 1st International Tournament «COLLOSUS CHESS CUP OF RHODES 2015″

ORGANIZERS:       Organizing Committee of Rhodes Chess Club “Knight”

CO-ORGANISERS: Decentralized Administration of South Aegean Region, Municipality of Rhodes.




MODE:                    Swiss System 9 rounds -FIDE rated in two groups.

Group A:                 Players with international elo> 1800.

Group B:                 Players with international elo<1800 or without international elo.

Those with elo 1700 – 1800 can choose in which group to play. The organizer reserves the right to admit to the A Group in special cases players who do not meet the formal requirements (eg talented young chess players) at their request.

The organizer reserves the right to merge the two groups, depending on the number of participants.


Tuesday September 1, 2015 Opening Ceremony 15:00
Tuesday September 1, 2015 1st round 17:00
Wednesday September 2, 2015 2nd round 10:00
Wednesday September 2, 2015 3rd round 17:30
Thursday September 3, 2015 4th round 17:00
Friday September 4, 2015 5th round 17:00
Saturday September 5, 2015 6th round 17:00
Sunday September 6, 2015 7th round 17:00
Monday September 7, 2015 8th round 17:00
Tuesday September 8, 2015 9th round 10:00
Tuesday September 8, 2015 Awards Ceremony 18:00
Wednesday September 9, 2015 Check Out Day 12:00



The secretariat of the «Knights» on the phone: 22410 35502, 16:00 to 20:00 Ms. Papadakis Stavroulaand the mail address of Rhodes Chess Club KNIGHT:

TIME CONTROL:90 min for 40 moves + 30min + 30sec per move from the first move. It is obligatory writing down the moves during the entire duration of the game. Players arriving 45 minutes or more after the specified start of a round shall be forfeited.


TIE BREAKS: For removing tie the following criteria shall be used in order:

  • Result between players
  • Buchholz criterion (opponent points)
  • Buchholz Cut-1
  • Sonnenborn-Berger criterion ( opponent points depending on the result).


CHIEF ARBITER:               Sotiris Logothetis

POSTPONING MATCHES: Postponing matches is not allowed. Exceptions may be made in special cases, after timely request and the decision of the Tournament Director.

TIME OFF: Each player will have the right to take time off (skip a match and win ½ points)twice during the tournament and before the 7th round. The decision to take time off should be stated to the chief arbiter before the start of the next round. After the 7th round there is no time off.

ENTRY FEE: Entry fees are set at 100 € for adult players. For all players under 18 years, the fee is 60 €. For players staying at the hotel of the matches there will be no fee. The participation fees can be submitted in cash to the secretariat of the group and at the competition venue up to 60 minutes before the start of the first round.

ACCOMMODATION : For those participants wishing to stay at the hotels of the games there will be no entry fee and accommodation costs are:


100 Iraklidon Avenue

Ixia 85101 Rhodes, Greece

  1. +30 22410 89900
  2. +30 22410 89901

Single with breakfast: Price: 92 €

Double room with breakfast: Price per person: 77 €

Triple with breakfast: Price per person: 54 €

ATTENTION:Booking via special link in hotels webpage. The bookings made before 31/03/2015 will have discount10% of the listed price.

By showing their card each player is entitled to a special price 15 € for lunch or dinner in the hotel’s main restaurant. Drinks not included.

APPEALS: made up to 30 minutes after the end of the relevant round. Responsible for hearing the appeal is the Appeals Committee, this comprises three members. The Commission will exempt those members related to the players involved in the complaint. The composition of the Committee will be determined before the start of the tournament with the care of the Chief Referee. The appeal fee is set at 100 € and can be deposited at the Tournament Director or the Head Arbiter. If the appeal is upheld the fee is returned, otherwise it is forfeited.

PRIZES: There will be trophies, cups and medals forthe first three winners of the general classification of Group A and the three winners of Group B. Cups and medals will also be offered in the following special categories (first 3)

Special categories:

a)women, b) veterans (> 50 years), c) under 18 (boy & girl), d) under 16 (boy & girl), e) under 12 (boy & girl), f) under 10 (boy & girl),g) players of the Rhodes local chess club.

Minimum number of participants in each category is five.



1st winner                   2500 €

Second winner            1000 €

Third winner               500 €

First woman                400 €

2nd woman                 200 €

Third woman               100 €

B GROUP <1800

1st winner                   500 €

2nd winner                  300 €

Third winner               100 €

First woman                100 €


First <ELO 2100         500 €

There will be additional non-cash prizes that will be announced during the period of the games.

Cash prizes are given according to the final standings, and players who win in more than one category will take all the prizes they deserve.


There will be two morning excursions to archaeological sites and attractions (old town – Knights Castle). These will be posted with additional notice.


Hospitality is limited on first come -first served basis. It concerns the organizing hotel or nearby hotels and will be offered according to the FIDE ELO after processing all requests until March 2015.

Examples (for women respectively -150 points ELO):

2600+ Stay 8 days in single room Breakfast
2500 – 2599 Stay 8 days in double Breakfast
2400 – 2499 50% discount on hotel rates
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