Several brands which were extremely powerful during the last few decades are about to disappear. Many of them no longer drive big sales. Some are a part of companies that are in trouble. Some are part of industries which are falling apart. Here is a list of brands, most over them a decade old, and some much older, which are either done or likely to go away in the next year or two.

Old Navy
XM Satellite Radio
Circuit City
Gateway Computers
Sharper Image
Isuzu (USA), etc.

Source: AOL Money and Finance

“The USCF has floundered for a number of years in some key areas. The federation struggled badly to adapt to the rapidly changing chess world and fell way behind in the Internet age.” This is a quote from my husband Paul, who has been in Marketing & PR for over 20 years.

I fully agree with him. This is the same story with the companies listed above. The USCF has lost a lot of money in the last decade. We cannot survive unless this trend is reversed.

We are at a crossroad. We have a unique opportunity to flourish in a completely untapped market with the proper marketing strategy or we will be in serious trouble if we continue the destructive status quo. It is 2008. We cannot continue the 1968 way of doing business and hope that we will survive.

What is your take?

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