Presidential Board 2014
7-10 November 2014
Sochi, Russia

4PB-2014/1. To approve an extra FIDE credit card for the frequent travels of PB members.

4PB-2014/2. To approve FEGADE (Federation Gabonaise des Echecs) as representing Gabon in FIDE.

4PB-2014/3. To approve the amended Regulations for the registration and licensing of players.

4PB-2014/4.To approve the QC recommendations for the new title Applications.

4PB-2014/5. To approve the report of the Arbiters Commission and the title applications.

4PB-2014/6. To appoint Mr. Freeman, Mr. Gelfer and Mr. Bastian as a Sub-Committee to advise the Presidential Board on dealing with appeals for Arbiters.

4PB-2014/7. To approve the Trainers Academies except for the Prodigy Chess Academy.

4PB-2014/8. To decrease the maximum handling fee for FIDE Academies to send trainees to FIDE events to 100 euro.

4PB-2014/9. To approve the Trainer’s Commission report and the new titles, except of the budget.

4PB-2014/11. To approve the structure and details of diploma certification of FSCL (FIDE School Chess Leader), FSCT (FIDE School Chess Teacher) and the associated national federation structures.

4PB-2014/12. To approve the implementation of a FSCC (FIDE Schools Chess Challenge).

4PB-2014/13. To approve the project for a World Youth Chess Games for Disabled.

4PB-2014/14. To approve the Anti-Doping Regulations coming into force January 1st 2015.

4PB-2014/15. To approve the report of the Ethics Commission.

4PB-2014/16. To approve the IO title applications.

4PB-2014/17. To approve the principles of Chess Journalism.

4PB-2014/18. To approve the report of the Anti-Cheating Commission.

4PB-2014/19. To insert penalty in the Grand Prix tournaments contracts in case of late payments.

4PB-2014/20. To approve the extension of the signing period for the 2018 Chess Olympiad contract till the end of February 2015.

4PB-2014/21. To change the dates for the World Junior and Girls U-20 Championship 2015 in Khanty-Mansiysk, 1-16 September 2015.

4PB-2014/22. To organise the World Cities in odd years.

4PB-2014/24. To award the title of FIDE Honorary Member to Victor Kortchnoi and Fridrik Olafsson.

4PB-2014/25. To approve and sign an Agreement with Russian league of bookmakers’ companies against match-fixing.

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