2013 Jackson Open
The return of the class player’s dream tournament
August 23-24, 2013
by Hank Anzis

I played in a Time Odds Blitz tournament last weekend where I had two to eight minutes to my opponents eight in some games and had eight minutes to my opponents two to eight minutes in others. I tied for second and collected $7.50 for my $3 entry fee. While I was eating the slightly oversized value meal my winnings brought me, I thought about how nice it would be for a class player like me to pay a reasonable entry fee and have a chance at winning a $300 prize and then I remembered that the 2013 Jackson Open Super Reserve is coming up at the end of August in Jackson, Minnesota (located 20 miles north of Iowa and 80 miles east of South Dakota).

The 2013 Jackson Open Super Reserve will be held on August 23rd and 24th and is a class player’s dream tournament. The tournament is restricted to players rated under 2000 and has a $700 prize fund with a first prize of $300. The entry fee is $25 and the prize fund is 100% guaranteed. In my opinion, the Jackson Open is the class players dream tournament!

The tournament starts with a Friday night round 1 and concludes with 3 rounds on Saturday all at a Game in 90 time limit. You can view a tournament flyer by clicking here or email Sam Smith at paladinjackson@hotmail.com for more information. On line registration is also available at onlineregistration.cc.

I’ll be heading to Jackson on Friday from Marshalltown and passing through Ames. If you need a ride or want to share a hotel room, send me an email at anzis@prodigy.net

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