GM Eugene Perelshteyn, GM-elect Ray Robson, and GM Georg Meier are the first 3 players set for the 2010 SPICE Cup A Group.

For Eugene, this will be his 4th straight time at the SPICE Cup, winning clear first in the inaugural event in November 2007, and winning on tie breaks over GM Bhat and GM Finegold in the B group a few weeks ago.

For Ray, this will be his third time at SPICE as he competed in the 2009 SPICE Spring Invitational and finishing just 1/2 point out of first at the 2009 SPICE Cup B group.

This will be Georg’s first appearance at the SPICE Cup.

The format of the A group will once again be a 6-player DRR (category 16 or 17) event. The B group will be a 10-player (category 11-12) RR event. We are planning to add a 3rd group for 2010.

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