Last round against IM Almeida from Mexico

I was very depressed earlier today because of the USCF delegates meeting. Too many people felt that Mr. Sloan should serve on the board even with his completely inappropriate behavior toward women and minors.

The best antidote for my sadness was to play some chess so I was the last one to enter the 2006 US Open Blitz right at the deadline.

I did not play very well early on but I did OK at the end to make up ground. I finished with the score of 12.5 – 1.5 to win the event by 2 points. I finished 2nd in the 2002 US Open Blitz behind GM Blatny. I won it in 2003 (in a field of 7 GMs), 2005 and 2006. I did not play in 2004.

After the tournament has ended, a number of delegates came to me to let me know the good news. They passed the motion by a winning margin of 1 vote regarding convicted felons (45-22). I am not sure of the details but I was told that convicted felons must disclose it.
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