The 1st International Livigno Chess Open started today, Friday 10th September, with the Open A Tournament (reserved to Elo > 2000).

Forty-two players have decided to take part in it. Among them the 19-year-old Peruvian Emilio Cordova (Elo 2539), the German Arkadij Rotstein (2542), Vladimir Petkov (Bulgaria, 2513) Miroljub Lazic (Serbia, 2502) and the Russian Igor Naumkin (2483). The complete list can be found here:
Ther are also some promising young Italian players, such as 18-year-old Alessio Valsecchi, as well as Marco Codenotti – (who has just become master, probably the youngest one ever in Italy) and Andrea Stella (17 years old). Valsecchi and Stella had a great start, winning the first game, whereas Codenotti had a draw. Other results can be found on the tournament’s official website:
Second round will be tomorrow, Saturday 11th September, along with the beginning of Open B (Elo between 1600 and 2000)and Open C (Elo lower than 1600) tournaments. For this first edition, the organizers are confident to reach 80 players, with nearly 20 nations represented.
If you don’t want to miss any move of the top players, just log on to, where you will find live games (starting from 3pm CET) as well as PGN files.
More news on the next days. Stay tuned!

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