1st Chairman’s Cup International Chess Championship
The National Chess Federation of the Philippines is pleased to invite you to participate in the 1st Chairman’s Cup International Chess Championship to be held at the Teachers Camp, Baguio City, Philippines on January 13 – 21, 2013.

The 1st Chairman’s Cup International Chess Tournament will be played over 9 rounds using the Swiss System. The time control shall be 90 minutes for the whole game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 1. Draws are not allowed before the completion of Black’s 30th move.

The organizer shall provide free full board and lodging during the tournament for the first 15 GMs>2500 on the December 2012 FIDE Rating List.

Other Grandmasters, International Masters and other titled players may be given free accommodation subject to availability.

Thirty Thousand U.S. Dollars (US$30,000) in cash prizes shall be awarded:

1st: US$ 6,000
2nd: US$ 4,000
3rd: US$ 3,000
4th: US$ 2,000
5th: US$ 1,500
6th-13th: US$ 1,000
14th: US$ 900
15th: US$ 800
16th: US$ 700
17th: US$ 600
18th-20th: US$ 500
21st-22th: US$ 300
23rd-24th: US$ 200

Cash prizes shall be shared equally among players with the same score. For trophies, ties will be decided by calculating the average rating of the 8 strongest opponents, then if still tied, the 7 strongest, and so on.

Entry fee is free for Grandmasters and players with a FIDE Rating of 2500 and above.

For all other players based on the January 2013 FIDE Ratings list, the entry fee is as follows:

2450 – 2499: US$ 25 or P 1,100
2400 – 2449: US$ 50 or P 2,200
2300 – 2399: US$ 75 or P 3,300
2200 – 2299: US$100 or P 4,400
2199 below US$150 or P 6,600

The deadline for registration is January 1, 2013. Late entries will be accepted until January 5, 2012 with a late fee of $50.

NCFP Secretariat

Email : philchesssecretariat@yahoo.com

I look forward to welcoming you to Manila! 

Prospero Pichay
Chairman / President
National Chess Federation of the Philippines

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