The 13th Young Masters Chess Tournament is taking place from August 27th to September 4th, 2013, at the well known hotel Ochsen at the Kolinplatz in Zug, Switzerland.

The tournament format is 10-player round robin. Six Swiss juniors meet four Grandmasters from abroad, looking for opportunity to earn IM and GM norms.


GM Sergey Fedorchuk Ukraine 2665
GM Dmitry Svetushkin Moldova 2605
GM Andrey Sumets Ukraine 2583
GM Peter Prohaszka Hungary 2554
IM Oliver Kurmann Switzerland 2421
FM Nico Georgiadis Switzerland 2394
FM Emanuel Schiendorfer Switzerland 2392
FM Nicolas Grandadam Switzerland 2344
FM Noel Studer Switzerland 2343
FM Lars Rindlisbacher Switzerland 2315

Live games

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