12th International Osterturnier

The 12th International Osterturnier will be played over 9 rounds of Swiss system from 5th to 9th April at the Parkhotel Norderstedt in Hamburg, Germany. The organizers have provided the prize fund of 15.000 EUR. Top prizes are 2500/1700/1300/1000/800/600/400/300 EUR etc.

Currently 130 players are signed to compete, with the Tata Steel and Agzamov Memorial winner Maxim Turov as the top seed.

Top rated players:
Turov Maxim GM 2645 RUS
Vorobiov Evgeny GM 2589 RUS
Sumets Andrey GM 2569 UKR
Epishin Vladimir GM 2561 RUS
Berczes David GM 2560 HUN
Teske Henrik GM 2550 GER
Tikkanen Hans Christian GM 2545 SWE
Gonda Laszlo GM 2536 HUN
Neiksans Arturs GM 2524 LAT
Luther Thomas GM 2524 GER
Huschenbeth Niclas GM 2518 GER
Mirumian Vigen GM 2513 CZE
Richter Michael IM 2484 GER
Kopylov Michael IM 2470 UKR
Smith Axel IM 2470 SWE

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