129th MGU Open with brand new sponsor, Martin Metev takes the trophy

The 129th MGU Open 2014 was held on 13-14th December, 2014, at Chess Club MGU, in Sofia, capital and largest city of Bulgaria.

The event was organized in honor of GM Jan Timman (born 14th December 1951 in Amsterdam, NED), in a 6-round Swiss format, open to all players rated below 2200.

Martin Mitev from Chess Club “An Pasan” Sofia claimed the gold with 5/6 points, leaving the runner-up NM Dobrotich Andreev half point behind.

Third place was shared in a three-way tie by IM Petar Orev, Dragan Bozilov and Nikolay Kostov with 4/6 points each.

The brand new tournament sponsor “Zora” Trading Company provided 3 tablets for the winner, the best young player and the first blitz player in the parallel 129th MGU blitz tournament.

You can see the full standings and replay the games below.

Official website

Final standings (top finishers):

1 Metev Martin BUL 2009 “An Pasan” Sofia 5
2 NM Andreev Dobrotich BUL 1970 “An Pasan” Sofia 4,5
3 IM Orev Petar BUL 2113 “An Pasan” Sofia 4
4 Bozilov Dragan SRB 1924 Bosilegrad 4
5 Kostov Nikolay BUL 1914 “An Pasan” Sofia 4
6 Kolev Nikola BUL 1682 “An Pasan” Sofia 3,5
7 WCM Peycheva Gergana BUL 1829 “An Pasan” Sofia 3,5
8 Mehmed Elif BUL 1548 CSKA Sofia 3,5
9 Timev Anzhelo BUL 1794 “Trjavna 2001″ Trjavna 3
10 Green Moria BUL 1483 “Razvitie” Kyustendil 3

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