National chess champion, 12, honed his moves at Baltimore barbershop
Cahree Myrick defeated 249 other players across the country to claim the title
by Kevin Skiver Jun 1, 2017

To call Cahree Myrick, 12 (, smart is to call the sun bright. The Roland Park Middle School student has maintained straight A’s in school while becoming Baltimore’s first National Youth Chess champion (K-8 under 1000 section).

Myrick had to outplay 249 players from across the country at the United States Chess Federation to claim the title. In order to get to this level of success, he took a rather unorthodox approach.

To train, Myrick practiced at the Reflection Eternal Barbershop in Baltimore. “It’s a different style,” he told The Baltimore Sun. “When I play people in standard tournaments, I know what to expect. Here, they play more freestyle.” The unpredictability clearly served Myrick well.

Myrick’s mother, Yuna Spears, has said that she wouldn’t have it any other way. She told The Sun that the culture in the barbershop is ideal for Myrick, and she likes him practicing there.

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