Yemelin strikes again, wins Ellivuori International

The Ellivuori International Chess Tournament was held from 23rd to 29th June, 2014, at the Ellivuori Hotel in Ellivuori, a town in the heart of pure nature, in the western part of Finland.

GM Vasily Yemelin led the tournament by one point after the seventh round and maintained his advantage till the end. Collecting 6,5/9 points, he emerged clear winner and grabbed the first prize of 1200 €.

Yemelin continues his victorious string after winning the trophy in the 5th ShakkiNet Tournament 2014 two weeks ago.

The other Grandmasters in Ellivuori – local GM Tomi Nyback and Latvian GM Arturs Neiksans, shared second place on 6 points each. However, Nyback took the silver on superior tie-break score.

The Finnish FM Henri Pohjala had a great tournament, fulfilling his first IM norm. He finished fourth with 5,5 points.

Tournament website/ Replay the games with analysis

Final standings:

1 GM Yemelin Vasily RUS 2556 – 6,5
2 GM Nybäck Tomi FIN 2594 Aatos – 6
3 GM Neiksans Arturs LAT 2571 – 6
4 FM Pohjala Henri FIN 2361 TamSh – 5,5
5 IM Kantans Toms LAT 2467 – 5,5
6 IM Skytte Rasmus DEN 2436 – 5
7 IM Kjartansson Gudmundur ISL 2434 – 3,5
8 IM Agopov Mikael FIN 2431 Velhot – 3
9 FM Köykkä Pekka FIN 2307 TamSh – 2,5
10 IM Nyysti Sampsa FIN 2359 Velhot – 1,5

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