I usually do not pay attention much about the world open but I just read a post on the chess drum new blog about this event which I find interesting.

The upcoming world open has BIG price tag if you want to participate. It would cost you around $350 if you are willing enter 4-5 months in advance. This amount would go up to $400 if you decide at the last minute and pay on site.

Let’s face it, the odd of players breaking even financially after entry fees, meals, hotels, flight or gas if you drive and other miscellaneous expenses, is very very very slim.

So the question is would you pay $400 in entry fees and perhaps another $1,000 in expenses to play in an event (with little chances of making money) to face against some decent competition? This would amount to something like $155 per game if you play a full 9 games. If you withdraw early, that amount could become even higher!

If the answer is yes, you are willing to pay the big money to play, why? If the answer is no, what would be an ideal chess event that you would like to play in?

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