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April 28, 2006 (931) 787-1234 #145

Press Release #18 of 2006

Players Qualify for the 2006 World Youth Chess Championship

(Crossville, TN) The following players have qualified to play in the 2006 World Youth Chess Championship currently scheduled for October 20-31 in Batumi, Georgia. A new Under 8 age category has been added by FIDE for this year’s event. The top players by rating in each age category are considered the official candidates.

Players may qualify to represent the United States by being established as one of the three highest rated candidates by peak post-tournament rating in the previous 12 months ending with events included in the April Rating Supplement.

This year they may also qualify by being within 50 rating points or less from the third qualifying spot from either 2006 or 2005 (see below for 2005 3rd place ratings by category). A player may also qualify by personal right by achieving a medal at the World Youth in a previous year or by achieving a Gold Medal at the previous Pan American Youth Festival.

Additional information about the 2006 World Youth Chess Championships will be announced on the USCF website as soon as it becomes available.

U-8 Boys
Nicholas Nip CA 1716
Benjamin Moon GA 1611
Christopher Wu NJ 1579
Jeevan Karamsetty VA 1527
Tom S. Polgar NY 1504 (Polgar Chess Center)
Jonathan Chiang TX 1483

U-10 Boys
Darwin Yang TX 1943
Brian Luo WI 1937
Lucas Van Beuzekom FL 1799
Fernando Spada TX 1779 (Brownsville, TX)
Fernando Mendez, Jr. TX 1760 (Brownsville, TX)

Aleksandr Ostrovskiy NY 1757
Brennen Lee AZ 1753
Kevin Bu MN 1735
Eric Zhang CA 1726
Eric Liao NJ 1705
Jonathan Chin TX 1700
Atulya Shetty MI 1690
Sam Schmakel IL 1688
Alexander Katz NJ 1679
Albert Ho FL 1677
James Shao NY 1670 (Polgar Chess Center)

U-12 Boys
Ray Robson FL 2213
Parker Zhao NY 2208
Daniel Naroditsky CA 2003
Michael Yang MN 1965
Zachary Young NY 1962
Christopher Heung FL 1957

U-14 Boys
Marc Arnold NY 2242
Alexander Heimann PA 2177
Mark Heimann PA 2146
Michael Lee WA 2141
Victor Shen NJ 2139
Jeffrey Haskel FL 2139 (One of the assistants at my World Record Simul)
Michael Thaler NY 2123
Christian Tanaka CA 2113

U-16 Boys
Robert Hess NY 2403
Daniel Ludwig FL 2338
Evan Ju NJ 2221
James Critelli CT 2203
Francis Chen CA 2177
Sarkis Agaian NY 2177

U-18 Boys
Salvijus Bercys NY 2501
Alex Lenderman NY 2496
Igor Schneider NY 2421
Mackenzie Molner NJ 2383
Joel Banawa CA 2381

U-8 Girls
Jyotsna Bitra IL 1295
Evan Xiang TX 1207 (Polgar Girl’s National Open Participant)
Jessica Zhu CA 1111
Fei-Tzin Lee NY 1079

U-10 Girls
Sylvia Yang TX 1759 (Polgar Invitational Participant)
Eve Zhurbinskiy NJ 1601
Caroline Zhu TX 1571 (Polgar Girl’s National Open Participant)
Sarah Chiang TX 1568
Eileen Dai TX 1551 (Polgar Girl’s National Open Participant)
Megan Lee WA 1537 (Washington State Polgar Qualifier Participant)

Ellen Xiang TX 1505 (Polgar Girl’s National Open Participant)

U-12 Girls
Alena Kuzniatsova NY 1762
Darrian Robinson NY 1664 (Participated at the Polgar Chess Center)
Kathleen Zhou NJ 1637
Helen Chu TX 1629 (Polgar National Open Participant)
Eve Litvak NJ 1624

U-14 Girls
Karsten McVay NJ 2005
Anjali Datta TX 1901 (Polgar Invitational Participant)
Gayatri Vempati TX 1879 (Polgar Invitational Participant)
Yang Dai VA 1851 (Polgar Invitational Participant)

U-16 Girls
Alisa Melekhina PA 2104 (Polgar Invitational Participant)
Medina Parrilla NY 1965
Abby Marshall VA 1946 (Polgar Invitational Participant)
Louiza Livschitz CA 1946 (Polgar Invitational Participant)

Julia Kerr NY 1943 (Polgar Chess Center)
Marina Asami CA 1912
Courtney Jamison TX 1899 (Polgar Invitational Participant)

U-18 Girls
Tatev Abrahamyan CA 2338
Laura Ross NY 2248
Hana Itkis NJ 2153
Katharine Pelletier NY 2117

Congratulations to all qualifiers! Good luck in the tournament!
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