The second round had an early start at 10:00 since this was a day with double rounds. Many teams continued including their girls in the formation so we decided to make this the “girls’ day”.

As you may notice, this largely influenced our picture selection and videos.

From a symbolical point of view, the most interesting match of the round was Russia – China.

After Kasparov’s retirement in 2005, Russia has gradually lost its former domination in team competitions. In the same period, the Chinese players became stronger year by year, culminating with their win in the Tromso 2014 Olympiad, an event in which Russia did not even get close to the gold medals.

In today’s match, Russia won convincingly with 3-1. Symbolically, this may be taken as a promise of the new generation to restore Russia’s lost chess glory.

You can find out some insight details of this match from the short interview with Woman Grandmaster Aleksandra Goryachkina:

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