World School Chess Championship 2017 started in Iasi on 21 of April with the conference press and the opening ceremony.

These two events were attended by Mayor of Iasi Mihai Chirica, FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos, FIDE Executive Director Nigel Freeman, Romanian Chess Federation President Sorin Avram Iacoban, ECU Deputy President Ion Serban Dobronauteanu, Tournament Director Manole Vasile, FIDE CIS Comission member Vlad Ungureanu, ROU CF General Secretary Vladimir Danilov, officials of Education and Sports Ministry.

Mr. Georgios Makropoulos said, “I have a long experience with Romanian Chess. I was lucky to know all the great players of this country. My wife is Romanian, my kids are half Greeks half Romanians and they speek both languages, so for me it is a great pleasure to come back to Romania every time. I was in Iasi 34 years ago, when I played an international tournament. So I have seen a great development here, I know the good work that the municipality is doing for the town, not only for chess. And what is important for us in FIDE is that we have here a very good team, in the Romanian Chess Federation. The center of the Romanian Chess in the last years is in Iasi, because all the important people in the federation are coming from Iasi, the center of the chess in schools around the world these days is in Iasi and I know we have the right people to organize this event. You know, Chess in Schools is maybe the most important project in FIDE, in Continental Associations and in national federations. We are not exagerating when we say that if the parents let their kids learn chess at early ages, until 12 years, their kids will become better people. So, for us this is the big message that we should spread around the world. I thank all the people involved in this event, especially for this great place for having this championship, the Palace of Culture. Thank you very much.”

Press conference on official channel of Iasi Municipality

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