Adams vs. J. Polgar

This will be an interesting game. How will my sister rebound from a horrible loss from round one? In my opinion, I think she should try to regroup and play somewhat more cautiously, especially with Black. She can’t afford to take too many risks to get into a big 0-2 hole. Will Adams take more chances today? He seemed content taking a draw offer from Svidler in round one. I predict this game will be a draw.

Leko vs. Morozevich

Leko already lost one with white after the disastrous round one. This is his second straight game with the White pieces. If he loses again today, he will be basically out of contention with 7 Black games in the last 12 rounds. I think he’s very mad after the loss yesterday and will be trying to take it out on Morozevich today. Morozevich on the other hand needs to be very careful. His best strategy would be playing things safe while waiting for Leko to perhaps over push. After the fireworks, I expect a draw. He shocked everyone by playing “normal” safe chess yesterday. This game may give us a small glimpse of Morozevich’s approach to this World Championship.

Kasimdzhanov vs. Svidler

Kasim held with Black well in round one. In this round, he will have White. He will obviously try to go for the win with White. However, I think Svidler will be content to play something safe and go for a draw with the Black pieces. I expect this game to be a draw.

Topalov vs. Anand

This is the match up of the day. Both won yesterday. They ratings are identical. However, this is the key to watch. Anand started with two Black games. That means he will have seven White games in the last 12 rounds. If he can start out with +2 with seven White games left, he will be almost impossible to catch. I think Anand will be content to draw today though. Therefore, I think he will try to avoid big complications. On the other hand, it is easier said than done against Topalov. He has no understanding of the playing safe concept. Even though I expect this game to be a draw, it will be a very hard fought draw.

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