Dear Chess Friends!

Russian Chess Federation would like to inform you on visa support issue.

1. Participants/FIDE Principals and Officials

There are three categories of visitors in accordance with the countries of their origin:

1. The countries whose citizens don’t need visas for the period of the championship are: Argentina, Cuba, Peru, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan;

2. The countries whose citizens will receive personal official invitations* from the RCF to apply for visas are: Bulgaria, Hungary, Egypt, China, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, USA, France, Sweden. Please note that the participants who will receive RCF personal official invitations will still have to present requested documents and pay all the necessary fines when applying for visas;

3. The countries whose citizens need reference numbers** to apply for visas are: Australia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Canada, Qatar, Great Britain (Scotland) and Georgia (please take into account that the procedure for the Georgia’ players can take a bit longer due to absence of diplomatic relations between Russia and Georgia).


* and ** In order to arrange personal official invitations or reference numbers RCF needs the following information from the participants from above-mentioned countries: Passport scans;
Information on where exactly the participants will be applying for visas.

The information should be sent to the RCF official e-mail or straight to the Secretary Department e-mail

2. Accompanying persons/Journalists/Others

The visa support will be provided by Mr. Alexander Bakh. Please contact him by email:
The price for the service is 70 EURO per person.
In case visa support is needed ASAP the price for the service is 100 EURO per person.

3. Passport

Please note that in order to apply for the Russian visa your passport must be still valid for no less than six months after the date of leaving the territory of the Russian Federation.

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