Women Chess Players Tests Their Intelligence
Written by Kh.Ganchimeg
Friday, March 11, 2011

The Double Master Chess Club hosted a chess competition to commemorate the International Women’s Day among female chess players, in Ulaanbaatar City on March 7-8, 2011.

A total of 31 female chess players competed in two different groups of “A” and “B” at the event.

IM Enkhtuul won “A” group’s gold medal and followed by GM T.Batchimeg and IM D.Bayarmaa who were secured second and third places in the competition, respectively.

In group B, a teacher of “Ireedui complex” Secondary School N.Serjmyadag grabbed gold medal. Silver and bronze medals went to N.Khishigbayar and N.Battsengel.


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