Contact: Frank Kolasinski
Phone: 413-209-9450
Springfield MA – October 27, 2008

Hi chess fans!

This Saturday, November 1st is the date of the annual WMCA Memorial chess tournament. This will be the third version of this very special event sponsored by the Western Massachusetts Chess Association.

WMCA honors former friends, promoters and personalities who’ve played a part in the storied history of chess as it has been played in western Massachusetts. Names like Eli Bourdon, David Lees, Lenox Beech, Harvey Burger, Sally Howes, and John Ducharme come to mind, just to name a very few!!

In my mind, this one of the most important events that WMCA sponsors each year. As “serious” chess-players, we develop a common bond shared by few others. I can think of no more special event than to be able to take a few moments, remembering a special game or a treasured memory involving these legendary friends who have gone on before us.

Aside from this annual event, WMCA has collected favorite photos and brief biographies which we display each year as part of a remembrance… something to look at in between rounds or while you’re stretching your legs in between moves. We hope that you’ll join this weekend at the Palmer Public Library Community room, named by WMCA members as their favorite tournament location by a landslide!

Best wishes,
Frank Kolasinski
President, Western Massachusetts Chess Association

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