ilhelm Steinitz Vs Augustus Mongredien, 1862: Steinitz opens with e4, answered by Mongredien’s Scandinavian Defense. Mongredien plays standard opening moves however he commits a serious inaccuracy with 11. …Nd5?! and 12. …exd5?! — closing his own bishop’s a8-h1 diagonal. Steinitz immediately lifts his rook with 13. Rf3 and sacrifices it with 16. Rxh7! — demolishing the pawn cover in front of black’s king with devastating effect. Steinitz plays one last finesse in his attack, 25. Bg5! to finish the game. A fantastic example of the Scandinavian Defense in a classic century game between 2 great players.

For full article on The Scandinavian Defense – William Steinitz vs Augustus Mongredien please visit Will’s website, which also includes an interactive PGN board.

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