Why did I block / ban over 1,000 people from my twitter, FB, email, private messages, etc?

This is why these people are not advancing a cause. Let me explain in a simple way so people can understand the mess with the upcoming Women’s World Championship in Iran.

I CANNOT debate against 1,000+ clueless idiots who never read or knew what I said. I have a full time job, run a foundation and chess institute which raise $1.5+ million for chess each year, and a lot of it for women players, and 5 different other chess projects, not counting dozens of new projects I am being asked to look at each week. I do not have time to “debate” trolls.

They did not bother reading anything I wrote. Once again, I NEVER defended Iran, hijab rules, or the venue. I never forced anyone to wear the hijab. NEVER DID, NEVER WILL.

The Telegraph LIED and MISREPRESENTED my position. Shame on them. But 1,000+ of these clueless trolls never bothered reading my version. They insulted me, tried to insert positions I never took, or put their words in mouth. Some even made physical threats.

So no, there will be no debate. If anyone is rude, asserted something I never said, or implied something that is not my position, he/she was blocked immediately.

NO, I will not attack fellow female players if they want to boycott or play. It is totally up to each individual. They are athletes and not political hacks. They have to do what is best for them, their families, supporters, sponsors and countries, etc. They do not owe anyone anything. We can ask them to consider a different position. But they do not owe me or anyone else to do what we want.

Someone has to be the adult in the room. I did not create this mess. I did not vote for the venue. I did not endorse the Iranian regime. But I asked people to stay calm, let members of WOM find the facts, consult with fellow female players, then come up with possible solutions to present to FIDE / Organizers. Screaming, yelling, or getting hysterical will not help this matter. It will only escalate more division and hurt female players.

And lastly, we ARE working behind the scene to find acceptable solutions.

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