European GM may hold key to Fischer estate

By Francis Ochoa
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:47:00 02/09/2008

A EUROPEAN GRANDMASTER supposedly close to the late chess great Bobby Fischer may hold the key as to how the iconic American’s estate will be divvied up among its claimants.

This was revealed by the lawyer of Fischer’s Filipino daughter, who did not divulge the name of the GM but said the chesser may hold an important document that will help the claimants of Fischer’s estate out.

“Before Bobby died, he called Marilyn (Young, Fischer’s Filipino partner and the mother of his daughter) and said that if ever something happens to him, to call this person,” said lawyer Sammy Estimo, an official of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines. “We believe he may hold the secret to Bobby’s estate.”

Estimo and lawyer Rudy Tacorda are representing the Young’s in their bid.

The European GM, according to Estimo, is an acquaitance of Filipino GM Eugene Torre, one of Fischer’s closest confidantes currently helping Young and her daughter pursue their claim.

Torre is currently trying to locate the European GM.

Estimo also revealed that Young is also trying to contact Miyoko Watai, the other principal claimant of Fischer’s estate, to try and work out a settlement.

Here is the full story.

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