Tomorrow is a day off. There will be no game. However, some big battles will take place on Saturday. On the women’s side,

#1 ranked Russia (in 1st place) will face #4 ranked Hungary (in 3rd place)
#24 Spain will face #2 Ukraine
#29 Mongolia will face #5 USA
#11 Romania will face #7 Armenia
#9 India will face #17 Slovenia

IM Kosintseva, Tatiana 2489 (Russia) is performing at 2701 (4.5/5)
IM Peptan, Corina Isabela 2408 (Romania) is performing at 2675
GM Koneru, Humpy 2548 (India) is performing at 2663 (4.5/5)
WGM Muzychuk, Anna 2418 (Slovenia) is performing at 2655

Our own IM Krush, Irina 2437 (USA) is performing at 2593!

On the men’s side,

#8 Holland (2nd place) will face #1 Russia (tie for 1st)
#3 Armenia (tie for 1st) will face #30 Uzbekistan
#31 Sweden will face #10 Bulgaria (without Topalov)
#4 Ukraine will face #51 Iran (yes, you read it right!)
#19 Belarus will face #11 Spain
#12 China will face #7 USA

The big guns are doing a great job!

GM Kramnik, Vladimir is performing at 2960!!
GM Kamsky, Gata is performing at 2896!!
GM Kasimdzhanov, Rustam is performing at 2895!!
GM Bareev, Evgeny is performing at 2874!!
GM Grischuk, Alexander is performing at 2866!!

What is the biggest surprise of the Olympiad so far?
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