by Natasha Lance Rogoff 

Founder and CEO, KidsCOOK Productions and Executive Producer/Director, KickinKitchen.TV Ms. Rogoff, a seasoned children’s television producer, is excited about using new multimedia platforms to educate and entertain children about cooking, nutrition, food policy, and healthy living. Formerly executive producer of Sesame Street International, Ms. Rogoff created 182 half-hour original foreign language episodes on location in Russia and Mexico. Ms. Rogoff has earned numerous awards for her documentary films, children’s shows, and current affairs programming for ABC, NBC, and PBS Frontline. 

Her husband, GM Ken Rogoff, is one of the brightest economists in the world. He is also a brilliant chess player.

This is a very important subject for me. I like to eat properly and I think it is a very important thing for chess players. Check out more about KickinKitchen.TV here:

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