WMCA/Papa Gino’s Fundraiser a Huge Success!

Just like a diehard New England sports fan, members of the Western Massachusetts Chess Association, and supporters of western Mass. chess, come through when it’s needed, as exemplified by the participation and attendance at last Tuesday’s WMCA/Papa Gino’s fundraiser. From 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, at the Papa Gino’s restaurant at 310 King Street in Northampton, supporters of western Mass. chess got together for some casual chess,(and a record-breaking raffle), as the Papa Gino’s restaurant chain donated 20% of the food purchases made to WMCA, to help support the efforts of the 50+ year-old organization.

$189.00 worth of raffle tickets were sold, and the Papa Gino’s restaurant will donate $131.78 to the 501(c7) not-for-profit organization, resulting from food sales totaled from the very special evening.

Special thanks go out to western MA chess supporters, John Dould, Jesse Anderson, John Curdo, Pete Plante, Clay Bradley, Tom Smith, Enrique McDonald, Dave Hall, Matt Webber, Alden Wheeler, Frank Kolasinski, Larry Williams, and Paul Budney.

Winners at the 2008 WMCA raffle were as follows:

1. WMCA pen – Jesse Anderson
2. WMCA bumper sticker – Jesse Anderson
3. WMCA window decal – Jesse Anderson
4. 1924 NY Int’l tourn. book – John Curdo
5. Chess, Morphy to Botvinnik book – Jesse Anderson
6. WMCA pen – Clay Bradley
7. WMCA bumper sticker – John Curdo
8. WMCA decal – John Curdo
9. Dutch Defense chess software – John Curdo
10. Kasparov vs. Karpov book – Tom Smith
11. QGA book – Tom Smith
12. Checkmate In Prague book – John Curdo
13. Journal of Chess Original book – John Curdo
14. WMCA coffee mug – Clay Bradley
15. WMCA pen – Enrique McDonald
16. WMCA bumper sticker – Larry Williams
17. WMCA window decal –Larry Williams
18. Int’l Chess Congress book – Larry Williams
19. USSR vs. the World book – Larry Williams
20. Journal of Chess Original book – Enrique McDonald
21. Dragon for Experts chess software – Larry Williams
22. How To Think Ahead in Chess book – Matt Webber
23. WMCA pen – Larry Williams
24. WMCA bumpers sticker – Larry Williams
25. WMCA window decal – Matt Webber
26. Glass chess set – Enrique McDonald
27. How To Beat Bobby Fischer book – Matt Webber
28. Bobby Fischer Teaches chess book – Larry Williams
29. Framed Tal chess picture – Larry Williams
30. London Chess Congress – Jesse Anderson
31. 1969 WCC book – Larry Williams
32. Larry Evans on Chess book – Larry Williams
33. Championship Chess book – Larry Williams
34. WMCA bumper sticker – Clay Bradley
35. WMCA pen – Jesse Anderson
36. Renaissance chess set – Matt Webber
37. Two Weeks to Winning Chess book – Larry Williams
38. Alekhine’s Best Games ‘03-’33 – Matt Webber
39. Hastings 1922 – Matt Webber40. Trophy Chess – Enrique McDonald
41. How To Win In the Chess Openings book – Larry Williams
42. Fischer/Spassky book – Enrique McDonald43. MCO-13 book – Alden Wheeler
44. Fischer/Spassky book – Larry Williams
45. Fischer/Spassky book – Larry Williams
46. How to Be a Winner at Chess book – Larry Williams
47. Anatoly Karpov book – Enrique McDonald
48. Glass chess set – Larry Williams
49. Complete chess book – Larry Williams
50. Fischer/Spassky NY Times book – Larry Williams
51. Fischer/Spassky NY Times book – Tom Smith
52. Counter Defense chess video –Alden Wheeler
53. How To Play Winning Attacks video – Larry Williams
54. Journal of Chess Original book – Larry Williams

55. Canon Fax phone – Larry Williams
56. Chronos chess clock – Enrique McDonald
57. First edition “My 60 Memorable Games” – Larry Williams

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