Court Rules in Favor of Webster University
May 22, 2014

On Wednesday, May 21, Judge Mark Seigel ordered the City of Webster Groves to grant Webster University a conditional use permit within 60 days to allow the University to use the Luhr Library and Werhli Center and to demolish the White House located on the Eden Theological Seminary campus. This action stemmed from a lawsuit Webster University and Eden Seminary jointly filed last year after the City Council rejected Webster University’s application to use its buildings located on the north side of Lockwood Avenue.

In a joint statement, President Beth Stroble and Eden Theological Seminary President David Greenhaw said, “We are gratified by the judge’s decision. Thanks to his ruling these academic buildings will remain dedicated to the purpose of higher education as they should be. Going forward, we are resolved in our desire to work productively with the mayor, the members of the council, and city staff on the matters that lie ahead. It is vital for the well-being of our community that we take every measure possible to ensure that these matters are addressed in a forward-looking, collaborative, and mutually beneficial manner through established channels – not a courtroom. Doing so will benefit our respective institutions and most importantly, the Webster Groves community.”

President Stroble added, “We look forward to using the Luhr Library and the Wehrli Center as homes for our world class chess team, a meeting place for faculty and alumni and offices for our 50 IT personnel. These buildings were built to support the needs of higher education and we are pleased they will continue to be used for academic purposes.”

The outcome of the lawsuit was reported in a St. Louis Business Journal article on May 22, “Court rules Webster University may use Eden buildings, overturning City Council.”


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