US Open Championship:

1-3. GM Manuel Leon Hoyos (Webster Freshman) – Hoyos won the Armageddon playoff by defeating John Bryant. Hoyos had a choice for a must win with white or draw odd with black. He chose to play for the win with white. He did and thus becoming the 2012 US Open Champion!

1-3. GM Dimitry Gurevich
1-3. FM John Bryant

Tied for 4th is GM Andre Diamant (Webster Sophomore)

US Open g/15 Championship:

1-2. GM Andre Diamant (Webster Sophomore)
1-2. IM Vitaly Neimer (Webster Sophomore)

Tied for 3rd is GM Manuel Leon Hoyos (Webster Freshman)

US Open Blitz Championship:

1. GM Andre Diamant (Webster Sophomore)

2. GM Anatoly Bykhovksy (Webster Junior)

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