Webster University 2013 Final Four Chess Team: 

GM Wesley So – 2714 
GM Ray Robson – 2697 
GM Georg Meier – 2694 
GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez – 2650 
GM Manuel Leon Hoyos – 2652 
GM Anatoly Bykhovsky – 2618 

GM Wesley “the Asian Tiger” So (Philippines) 
Finance – Freshman 
1st American collegiate player to break 2700, youngest in chess history to break 2600, winner of 4 consecutive Filipino championships, Dubai Open champion, etc. 
Reading, Music 

GM Ray “the Fearless Attacker” Robson (USA) 
Undecided – Freshman 
Youngest grandmaster in U.S. history, U.S. junior Champion, youngest player to qualify for the U.S. championship, SPICE Cup Open champion, etc. 
Tennis, Ping Pong, Music 

GM Georg “the German Precision” Meier (Germany) 
International Business – Sophomore 
European Team champion, 3rd place at Baden-Baden super tournament, 5th at World Junior Championship, etc. 
Cycling, Traveling, Movies 

GM Fidel “the Cuban Casanova” Corrales Jimenez (Cuba) 
Computer Science – Freshman 
Continental champion, Capablanca Open champion, Catalan Circuit champion, Carlos Torre champion, etc. 
Soccer, Movies, Music, Dancing 

GM Manuel “the Yucatan Conquistador” Leon Hoyos (Mexico) 
Economics – Freshman 
US Open champion, 4-time Mexican Open champion, Mexican champion, etc. 
Soccer, Kickboxing, Gym 

GM Anatoly “the Speedy Rocket” Bykhovsky (Israel) 
Finance – Junior 
2-time Final Four champion, 2-time Israeli Blitz champion, 2-times SPICE B group champion, etc.
Exercise, Sports 

Head Coach: GM Susan Polgar 
Coach: FM Paul Truong 
Team Manager: WIM Inna Agrest

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