World Chess Championship 2010 postponed 1 day (updated)
LIVE from the press conference and the venue PHOTOS added

Note: Photo album from the press conference is here more than 100 photos are available and we have started uploading them, every several minutes you will be able to enjoy new photos by the Chessdom photographers in the playing hall. Vishy Anand inspected the playing hall and tested the chair (photo here).

10:00 CET

The World Chess Federation distributed a message that the WCC 2010 match between Anand and Topalov will be postponed 1 day. In accordance with chapter 7.4 of the match regulations as well as article 2.4 of the 2010 World Chess Championship Agreement, the 1st game of the match will be postponed by 1 (one) day to start on Saturday, 24th April 2010. The opening ceremony will not be postponed and will be held on 21st April 2010 as originally planned. Official statement of FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos is at the end of this article.

Official news by FIDE

10:30 CET

All India Chess Federation distributed details from Anand’s travel. Scroll down for text of the document.

11:00 CET

Press conference should have started by now, however, there will be a slight delay. The FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is at the hotel. He will probably not be able to attend the press conference after he had a very long trip and he is probably tired. Confirmed participants at the press conference are both Anand and Topalov, as well as the FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos.

Some officials are still at the airport, details coming.

11:15 CET

Press conference started, FIDE Deputy President explains how the equal treatment and conditions for both players are of highest importance to FIDE and to the chess world.

The FIDE Deputy President explained the difficulties of Anand’s trip (scroll down for details by the AICF) and also explained that he understands the problems for the organizers. “Everybody understands that there were problems for both sides and we have to find a solution,” he added.

“I explained to Vishy that it is a shock for the organization to postpone 3 days, and I said to the organizers that the situation is force majeure. After many discussions I talked to the Presidential Board and the FIDE President and we decided to postpone the start of the match one day. I expect from the organizers understanding for the one day postponement and understanding from Anand’s team that 3 days was also not optional,” concluded the FIDE Deputy President.

(expect full statement later today)

11:45 CET

The word was given to the World Champion Viswanathan Anand who said, “I am very happy to be here, it was a longer trip than we expected. The main thing I came here for is to play chess. Mr. Makropoulos described very well the situation. I want to thank FIDE for the understanding and I hope the chess fans will see a good match.”

11:55 CET

Veselin Topalov thanked the Prime Minister Boiko Borisov and the Minister of Sports Svilen Neikov. He also thanked the sponsors. “This is a historical event for Bulgaria, we are a small country. We cannot organize Olympic games and this championship is a very effective way of promotion for the country.” Topalov commented, “For 5 years with Anand we are dominating the chess world and this match should have happened long time ago.”

12:05 CET

On a question from journalists if the decision was coordinated with the PB and the FIDE President, the FIDE Deputy President said, “I spoke with the President, with the managers, with everyone. I was the only one that did not make official statement before the decision. Because I believe we should not turn to media when there is force majeure, instead we should turn first to the President and the Prime Minister” . Makropoulos also explained details from the communication FIDE – Anand and all actions taken by the World Chess Federation to help Anand arrive in Sofia faster. “It was a mutual effort by them and us to make sure they will be here.”

The time schedule changes with one day, the only thing not sure for now is the time the first game will start. It can be changed depending on the schedule of the Prime Minister Boiko Borisov, but this is to be discussed additionally.

12:15 CET

Anand thanked for the extra day and he said he is happy with the decision, the actions of FIDE, and the organizing committee.

12:19 CET

Anand was asked about his team, “We are 8 people here, we had no problems with visa,” said Anand, but he did not reveal the names.

12:25 CET

A slight confusion at the press conference, as journalists from asked a question in Spanish. A Chessdom journalist, Veselin Topalov, and Vishy Anand turned out to be the only people in the room to understand Spanish, and Topalov acted as a translator as by contract all press conferences should be in English.

With that the press conference was finished. Expect more details from the playing hall in a few moments on

12:45 CET

It was again confirmed FIDE President is in Sofia and resting from the long trip. He is just a few minutes away from the playing hall now and will attend the opening ceremony. Photo album from the press conference is here more than 100 photos are available and we have started uploading them, every several minutes you will be able to enjoy new photos by the Chessdom photographers in the playing hall.

13:25 CET

Update from the inspection before the press conference: Anand and his team carefully inspected the playing hall. He tested the chair, looked at the rest areas, inspected the curtain, and the toilets. He was accompanied by his team and FIDE officials as well as the arbiter. Upon Anand’s request light was adjusted from bluish to yellowish color (photo of adjustment here)

Topalov came later, tested the chair for a few seconds and said “Everything is ok!” The arbiter insisted to show him around, Topalov took a quick look and he went to the press conference.

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