Dear Players –

While CCA’s World Open on ICC was rescheduled to August, WOO, which stands for World Online Open, is an open classical tournament organized by PNWCC on over the July 4th long weekend, will still happen as scheduled. 

PNWCC, a new club located in Kirkland, WA has been a leader in organizing online tournaments. 

If you have never heard of PNWCC, you can visit our website –  and read about us on Internet, e.g.



3)  (this one is in Russian, you can use Google Translate) 

The WOO tournament is featured with –

  1. Top guaranteed prize of $4000-$2000-$1000 and extra class prize of $150

  2. Longer time control of G/60;+5

  3. Super strong field – we have 100 registered players with 46 GM’s, 3 are FIDE 2700+ super GM’s. If you are looking for a strong tournament without travel, this is a must attend event!

  4. Very strict anti-cheating measures – not only ZOOM is required, you also have to use a camera mounted at an angle to show yourself and your computer screen. Audio must be turned on screen sharing will be requested on-demand. And you can’t use the restroom after the first hour of each round. 

Please note that the registration closes One-Day (24 hours!) before the event starts. It requires a lot of prep for the organizer and players to meet the anti-cheating requirements so please do not wait until the last minute.

Act now to –

  1. Register – 

  2. Get yourself familiar with the anti-cheating requirements – read the flyer carefully – do not ask questions 10 minutes before the round starts – nobody will answer you!

  3. Start check in – we implemented the self-serviced check in – you need to know the check-in phrase – which is in the flyer above.

  4. Make sure you have the right equipment to meet the angled camera requirements – order an external USB webcam now if you need to!

  5. We may publish more restrictive requirements and will communicate to players as we get closer to the start time.