The fourth game of the Women’s World Championship Match finished in a draw. Sicilian, Keres Attack appeared in the game and already after 14 moves the queens were traded. Former World Champion could have tried to create more problems for her opponent to solve but preferred playing without risk and the game finished in a draw after three-time repetition. Every draw brings the challenger closer to her goal, while the World Champion needs to start seeking victories to catch up with Hou Yifan.

After 4 games Hou Yifan is leading with 3 points. Anna Ushenina has 1 point. 

On the 16th of September the players have a rest day. The match will continue on the 17th of September. Hou Yifan will have white pieces again. The measure of changing the colors after the fourth game has a goal to prevent the same player to have white pieces after each of the rest days throughout the match because this might give her an advantage in preparation. 

Hou Yifan shows she is ready to play aggressive variation despite the situation in the match. As in the previous game Anna Ushenina sank into deep thought in the opening (after 9th move) and had time trouble before the first time control.

White played 20.a3 in this position and allowed Black knight to obtain a comfortable square c4. Another option for White was to play 20.Nce2-f4-d3 with idea to exchange the strong knight on e5 and if the knight goes to c4 to meet it with b3.

With the last move 25…Rf8 Black finally managed to bring all pieces into the game but in a few moves the game finished in a draw. According to Anna Ushenina she could have continued playing but had not much time left on her clock.

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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