Other than the unfortunate incident on the first night when I was checking in, it has been great so far in Las Vegas. It is a very exciting city and actually a lot more kids friendly than it used to be. I am not into the casinos but I enjoy fine food and good shows. There are plenty of family activities and things for kids to do as well.

As for the Las Vegas International Chess Festival, it is a premier chess event in the United States. Unlike many big Swiss events, this event is very personalized. The staff is friendly. The organizers are fantastic. They treat the players nicely and there are a lot of fun activities all the time. They always try to do unique things. A few years ago, they brought my sisters and I here to conduct a 100 board triplex simul. This year, the legendary Korchnoi is brought in as well as the reigning US Champion Alex Shabalov.

Most players are actually arriving today but the excitement already started.

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