Ultimate Chess Championship

Calling all chess players! The Ultimate Chess Championship gives every chess player a legitimate chance to compete and walk away the champion and $1,000 cash!

How can this be, you ask? It’s simple. There are no restrictions in this competition and you are free to utilize any type of assistance you want, from powerful computer programs to your local chess club! Or both! What can you come up with? Will your team walk away the winner ahead of the most powerful teams and sophisticated chess computers? Or will you go it alone, proving your superiority?! Winning or losing could come down to your choice of openings, so prepare well!

Unlike regular tournaments, where only the elite have a chance to win top honors, everyone has a chance in this competition! Everything goes in this tournament, so bring your friends, bring your computers, bring your friends and their computers!

Join us October 2-4. There is $2,000 in guaranteed cash, plus other prizes!


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