Two new chess tournaments for the Caribbean
By Errol Tiwari
June 27, 2010 in Features

The disclosure that the President of FIDE, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, has initiated two new tournaments for the Caribbean, is good news for Guyana. Although the details are not known as yet, we feel a sense of euphoria at the announcement. If one tournament is geared towards strengthening the chess talents of our region, then Guyana should accelerate its development of the ancient game.

In Guyana there are some young talents who require training. Foremost on the list are Taffin Khan, Wendell Muesa and Ronuel Greenidge; and from among the juniors, we have Cecil Cox, Saeed Ali, the Khan brothers, Khalil Gajraj, the Motilall brothers, etc.

Some time in the near future perhaps, we might be successful in negotiating a full chess scholarship for one of our hopefuls. Arrangements continue to be put in place for Guyana’s first FIDE-rated tournament which begins on Thursday, July 1. The tournament will be held at the National Stadium and two games will be played each day over the Caricom holiday weekend.The tournament ends on Monday, July 5.
At the conclusion of the tournament, six local players are expected to have world ratings. Qualification for international ratings would not be automatic.

Players are compelled to either draw with, or beat their foreign counterparts who are already FIDE-rated. Only in this way would they qualify for international ratings.

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