An excerpt from Chess Today:

American IM John Donaldson was born on the 24th of September 1958. Donaldson is a well-respected chess organiser, journalist and author. He has written books on Rubinstein, Alekhine and Fischer, as well as on lesser-known players such as Zemgalis and Ulvestad. His book on the Accelerated Dragon (together with IM Silman) was one of the main works on that system.

Donaldson is the director of the Mechanics Institute Chess Club in San Francisco and USA Zone President in FIDE. On many occasions he was captain of US chess teams. He has two GM norms. His current rating is 2411.

Danish GM Lars Bo Hansen was born on the 24th of September 1968. His current rating of 2569 makes him No 2 player in Denmark after Peter Heine Nielsen. His best rating so far was 2586 (July 2001). Lars Bo Hansen has written two books so far: Foundations of Chess Strategy (Gambit, 2005) and Secrets of Chess Endgame Strategy (Gambit, 2006).

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