La fiesta del Gran Maestro Oscar Panno
El Caballito de Palermo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Held at El Caballito de Palermo –directed by WFM Marina Rizzo-, Prechess school for children from 4 years, as part of the cycle Chess and culture –sponsored by Culture Ministery of Buenos Aires-, a tribute to the Grand Master Oscar Panno, 60 years of his triumph at the Youth World Championships in Copenhagen, 1953. It was a very warm and friendly meeting, different from the usual tributes protocol. Among the numerous attendees were chess players, students, pupils and friends of the master.

The biographer of the master, Enrique Arguiñariz, opened the meeting with a brief summary on the life of Panno, which was illustrated through attractive photos, and nuanced with anecdotes and episodes related by the master himself. There were also references to his activity as an engineer, such as the bridge built under his direction in the Avenida General Paz y Av. Libertador. Then were showed several photos of tournaments played by Panno, calling his attention one showing the massive closure of Argentine Youth Championship in 1951, in the entrance hall of the Club Argentino and occupying the staircase, where may be closed to Panno, Sanguineti, and among others, Luis Piazzini, Marcos Luckis, Luciano Cámara, Benito Villegas.

Subsequently the master widely commented the game Kasparov – Portisch, Brussels 1986, offering listeners a true master class of chess strategy. He stressed the intellectual virtues of Kasparov, and his intensive research in the pursuit of subtleties in the openings, as well as a constant search for the initiative in the middle game and endings.

Then were read three emotional messages of important personalities of international chess, as Kirsan Yliumzhinov, President of FIDE, Levon Aronian (top Grand Master of the moment) and Borislav Ivkov, his old rival in the junior tournaments and in so many tournaments. Also moved video with greetings from his student Grant Akopian, who lives in Yerevan, Armenia, and the Armenian International Master Ashton Nadanian. Finally, sang the master merited Happy Birthday, with candles on a cake with chess motifs shut-off, in which the master was helped by grandchildren and students of El Caballito de Palermo.


Dear Mr. Panno,

On behalf of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) let me express my sincere congratulations on the special occasion – the 60th anniversary of winning the title of World Junior Chess Champion and Argentine Chess Champion.

This anniversary is a great date, not only for you, but for all of us – those who love you, your colleagues and friends. You have created your own fate and have achieved a lot in your life. You are known as an open person of a principle, who has a lot to offer and to learn from. You are actively sharing your rich life and sportive experience to younger chess players and serve as a true model of an International Chess Grandmaster!
Your professionalism and great experience have secured you respect and indisputable authority among your colleagues.
Let me on this wonderful day wish you the best of health, all the success, new opportunities, victories, optimism and endurance in any life situations, well-being and all the best. Always stay a winner and reach your aims!

Yours sincerely,
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
FIDE President

It is a great honor for me to congratulate one of the greatest players from the era that always will be remembered as the golden age of chess. Exactly 60 years ago Mr. Oscar Panno proved that chess has a universal language, and you don’t have to be born in Europe to win a prestigious tournament, such as the World Cadet Championship! Continuing to play on the highest level and by winning many events during his active career, Mr. Panno did not just became of the strategical wizards of the game, but also greatly contributed to a rise of interest towards chess in the world and especially in his native Argentina and Latin America.

Dear Mr. Panno! I want to sincerily wish you good health, and many wonderful moments for you to see in the future!

With great respect, 
Levon Aronian

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