Topalov – Radjabov match for the world title agreed

The award fund is $1.5 million (Sofia, May 15, 2006) The manager of the World Champion Veselin Topalov – Silvio Danailov and the Minister of Sport of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov agreed yesterday on a match for the world title to be held between Topalov and the Azerbaijanian Teimour Radjabov (ELO 2720). All conditions of the World Champion have been accepted and the two sides have signed a memorandum.

The match will probably take place in April 2007 in Baku. The award fund will be $1.5 million, of which $1 million will be for Topalov. According to the rules of FIDE every chess player with ELO over 2700 can challenge the World Champion in a match for the title. Radjabov, currently number 13 in the FIDE ranking will be the next challenger for it if Topalov defends it in the match against Kramnik in September this year in the capital of Kalmykia – Elista.

I am not sure how this will work? Let’s say Topalov defeats Kramnik. Then what? The winner is supposed to play in the double round robin world championship in Mexico City? So if Radjabov defeats Topalov, he will then have to defend his title in days/weeks/months until Mexico City? And what if Kramnik wins? What will happen to the Topalov – Radjabov match? Will it become Kramnik – Radjabov vs. the winner from Mexico City? I need Advil! Calgon, take me away!
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