Topalov: Anand can surprise me only with shamans

The world chess championship clash in Sofia will be the match of my life, says GM Veselin Topalov

southern Bulgarian town of Sandanski. Everything’s normal for now.

– Do you have the feeling that this will be the match of your life?

– Probably yes.

– The organizers have met all requirements of Anand, but he still refused to play according to the local rules.

– I think Anand has adopted it as his strategy to reject all proposals of the Bulgarian organizers.

– What are Anand’s strong points and weaknesses as a chess player?

– He is an incredible talent, he has exceptional intuition and fast reactions, but he is forty years old and his shape isn’t as good as it was in his twenties. I guess he may have some problems with motivation.

– How can Anand surprise you psychologically?

– I will be surprised if he brings a few shamans in the hall.

Maria Dimitrova

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