Dortmund chess 2009
With Carlsen, Kramnik, Jakovenko, Leko, Bacrot, and Naiditsch
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The 2009 edition of the chess tournament Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting, July 2-12, will have a super strong participation – GM Magnus Carlsen, GM Vladimir Kramnik, GM Dmitry Jakovenko, GM Peter Leko, GM Etienne Bacrot, and GM Arkadij Naiditsch. All players will be over 2700 ELO points, making it one of the super tournaments of the year.

Top seeded is GM Magnus Carlsen (N3 in the world, ELO 2770). This will be the 4th consecutive high level tournament for the Norwegian young star. He opted out of the Grand Prix series, but still enjoys invitations from the top events. Earlier this year he took part in the first Grand Slam events – Corus and Linares, and in May he will be aiming at the title at Mtel Masters 2009.

The main opposition of GM Carlsen is GM Vladimir Kramnik. The 2008 World Chess Championship finalist has not played a rated event this year, which oddly worked in his favor and he climbed positions in the rating chart.

GM Dmitry Jakovenko got a deserved invitation to the Dortmund Chess 2009 event, after his strong performance at recent competitions. Jakovenko is N7 in the world with ELO 2753, and a good performance can secure the “rating qualifier” spot in the World Chess Championship in 2010 and 2011. Scoring higher result than Kramnik could give Jakovenko the highest rated Russian player.

The fourth World top 10 participant of Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting is GM Peter Leko. The Hungarian player has been among the top players for many years, and will surely be targeting a title at this tournament.

The two underdogs, ready to surprise at the tournament, are GM Bacrot and GM Naiditsch. GM Bacrot has been enjoying a good run recently, starting from the European Club Cup last year, and will be looking to extend it. GM Naiditsch is the new proud member of the 2700 club, and will be aiming at another title at DOrtmund, after the success in 2005.

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